We buy your unwanted diamonds and gold

We accept gold and platinum. Their value varies because of the differences in weight, purity of the metal, and current market price.
Diamond value depends on the following: cut, clarity, carat, the current popularity of the stone’s cut, and market demand vs. availability.

Watch Servicing

Battery, crystal, crown, bracelet replacement.
Servicing from a simple “tune up” to a complete overhaul.


We provide a wide variety of jewelry repairs.
Some of our repair services include: cleaning, polishing, rhodium plating, ring sizing, stone matching, necklace/bracelet repair, pearl/bead restringing, etc.



Removing your jewelry before showering and applying lotion is a must. Soap and lotion deposit a film that clouds the stones and diminishes the sparkle of your jewelry. Also make sure to remove your jewelry before doing any type of gardening, house work, and before applying makeup or other beauty products.

When taking off your ring, it is extremely important to avoid touching the stones. Touching the stones will lead to a buildup of dirt and grease that will quickly reduce the brilliance and shine.

In order to reduce the chances of dropping or losing your ring, avoid laying them by the sink or wrapping them in tissues that might later be thrown out.

We suggest that you have all your fine jewelry checked once a year to make sure the prongs are secure, stones are held in place, and clasps are strong.


Gemstones, pearls, and gold jewelry should all be kept separate in order to prevent scratching. To avoid pearl discoloration, it is best not to store them in a safe deposit box for too long. If you use a jewelry box at home then make sure not to overcrowd the box.

Diamonds can and will scratch other gemstones and other diamonds if rubbed against each other so it is very important to have a case that has many separate compartments.

It is best to store your pearls in their own soft, satin pouches. Make sure your pearls are far away from harsh chemicals such as ammonia, perfumes, vinegar, etc. All these substances will damage the Pearls.

If worn often then pearls should be restrung every year. When having your pearls restrung, make sure the jeweler knows to tie a small knot between each pearl in order to prevent the pearls from rubbing.


To restore the sparkle to rings, necklaces and bracelets with Diamond, Ruby, or Sapphire gemstones, clean it using a soft (old) toothbrush and an absorbent cloth or paper towel. The procedure:

  • Wet the jewelry in Hot Water - Rule - If the water is too hot for you to touch it is too hot for the jewelry.
  • Apply a small amount of Liquid Dish Soap and work into a foam with the toothbrush. - Get into as many small areas as possible.
  • Rinse the jewelry in Warm Water.
  • To finish, use Canned Air to blow the water off your jewelry.

This can be done as often as you like.